Name : Dr Sanjay Barua
Designation: Principal Scientist
Name of the Institute : Veterinary Type Culture Collection, ICAR-NRC on Equines, Hisar
Phone: +91- 1662-278790 ; +91- 1662-275787

Dr Sanjay Barua is a Principal Scientist at Veterinary Type Culture Collection, ICAR-NRC on Equines, Hisar. He is specialised in Veterinary Virology, Molecular and Diagnostic Virology, Tissue culture and Molecular epidemiology of microbes. He has eighteen (18) years of experience in tissue culture and characterization of viruses such as Morbilliviruses (Rinderpest, Peste des petits ruminants virus, PPRV), Herpesvirus (IBRV), Adenovirus (FAV), Reoviruses (BTV), Poxviruses (Camelpox, Buffalopox, Sheeppox, Goatpox, Orf) etc. He is associated with ongoing research programme on virus isolation, diagnosis, characterization and reposition for the past nine years at VTCC, ICAR-NRCE, Hisar. He has pursued an International Training in Advanced Biorisk Management at Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) Geelong, Victoria Australia in 2011 and also an International training in Bio-Security (Animal Science) in Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA (2010-2011)


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