ADMaC Project:

A land mark for the veterinary sector in North Eastern Region that the DBT, Govt of India keen to initiate a tripartite concept linking three NER core laboratories, three National Labs and eight Directorates of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary. The North Eastern Region of India, owing to its unique geographical location bears a constant threat to Indian livestock of incursions of exotic, transboundary diseases through its porous border.

Rapid globalization offers free trade resulting in continuous movement of human and animals across the world. The North Eastern Region of India, owing to its unique geographical location sharing five international borders and frequent international movements of men/material/animals, including vector population bears a constant threat of incursions of exotic, transboundary diseases to India's main land through this North East corridor. Hence, to effectively deal with such threats, it is of paramount important to strengthen regional infrastructure and capabilities in the direction of developing latest diagnostics and organizing rigorous surveillance for the highly contagious and ravaging diseases so as to have complete vigil on the disease situation of emerging and exotic infections and to build a formidable defence to guard the territories. Surveillance and monitoring can depict disease dynamics of livestock and envisage their role in food safety and security, nutritional security, animal welfare, human well-being and national/global economy.

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